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By the Prophet of the Earth

By L.S.M. Curtin


Since I am not a trained botanist, I turned to Mr. Robert H. Peebles, Agronomist at Salt River Experimental Station and co-author of "Flowering Plants and Ferns of Arizona," published by the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, 1942. Mr. Peebles was of invaluable assistance in identifying my specimens, which are deposited with the Pueblo Grande Laboratory in Phoenix, and in cooperating in every way possible, even to the extent of giving me some of his findings on local plant usage, as well as other scientific knowledge.

Mr. Odd S. Halseth took many trips into the field with me during my four seasons of research, and his understanding of the Indians, combined with their affection for him, greatly facilitated the collection of data.

Dr. Frederick W. Hodge of the Southwest Museum, Los Angeles, has always shown an encouraging enthusiasm for all the ethnobotanical work that I have done, and to him I am deeply grateful.

Such kindness as that of Father Antonine Willenbrink, O.F.M., and Miss Elizabeth Hart, both mentioned elsewhere, is seldom encountered. Without them my work would have been infinitely more difficult.

To Mr. A. E. Robinson, Superintendent of the Pima Indian Agency at Sacaton, I am indebted for a letter of introduction and for his generous assistance in supplying reliable interprefers. Also to Mr. Frank Shannon, Superintendent of the Day School at Salt River Reservation, and to all the day-school superintendents, I extend hearty thanks for their aid.

Above all, I shall ever be thankful to the many Indians whose gentle and patient help made this book possible.

L. S. M. C.

Copyright © 1884. The Arizona Board of Regents

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