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By the Prophet of the Earth

By L.S.M. Curtin


(Informant: Stephen Jones)

On a threatening day a person afflicted with warts steps out-of-doors, and if lightning strikes, the warts are rubbed off with the palm of the hand. Stephen stated that he thus cured himself three times: once the warts (translated into English as 'pimples') were on his hands, once between his toes, and the third time at the back of his ear.

(Informant: Stephen Jones)

When Stephen Jones was a young fellow, he listened to an old man who was sowing his wheat, long after all other Indians had planted theirs. The old man was repeating: "I throw you down, and in four days you will sprout up"-and it did. He was calling upon a Higher Power for help.

Most Indians had a theory about plant reproduction, although Stephen Jones stated that "the PiMa never thought about it." I was unable to procure any inforMation concerning the matter from my informants.

(Informants: George Webb and Lewis Nelson)

Lewis Nelson says that he had an uncle, his father's brother, who could predict events and happenings. The uncle would arouse the young boys of the household very early every morning and lecture to them until sunrise, when breakfast was served; and again in the evening he would talk to them. Lewis confesses that at the time he lent only half an ear, but when he reached the age of twenty all that he had been told suddenly returned to him and he then marveled at the great wisdom and knowledge of his uncle, whose predictions had come true.

One of the admonitions Lewis still remembers is: "Keep this in mind: never live a shame, but live your life as a good man. Whatever kind of life you live, it will impress and affect the people around you."

George Webb and Lewis Nelson both agree that power flows from certain people and it can be felt at a distance of several feet.

(Informant: Lewis Manuel)

Lewis Manuel told me that he has a brother who lives at Casa Blanca and when he sees a whirlwind approaching, he steps out of his house, crosses his index fingers, and hums. With this method he keeps the whirlwind from entering his house, and it just passes by. Sir James George Frazer (pp. 82-83) gives various practices which are employed throughout the world to combat whirlwinds.

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