An Illustrated Guide to ARIZONA WEEDS

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HAIRY BOWLESIA-Bowlesia incana Ruiz & Pavon

DESCRIPTION-A delicate annual with short forked hairs, branching and flowering from the base, reproducing only by seeds. The weak stems are nearly erect or trailing on the ground, 1/4 to 2 feet long. The thin opposite leaves are mostly 5-lobed (or 3 to 7), broader than long, 1/2 to 1 inch broad, on slender stalks 1/2 to 3 inches long.

One to 4 tiny greenish white flowers occur at the base of the leaf stalks. The rounded seedlike fruits are about 1/16 inch long, with no ribs on the faces.

DISTRIBUTION-Hairy bowlesia is a native weed occurring in shady places in moist or dryish, often barren soil around buildings, yards, waste places, and under bushes or rocks in sandy washes, desert mesas and slopes, from Mohave and Coconino counties southward; 100 to 3,500 feet elevation; flowering January to May or June.

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