An Illustrated Guide to ARIZONA WEEDS

The University of Arizona Press

List of Species

Please note: once you access these individual weed pages, the "next page" and "previous page" links at the bottom of each page refer to the sequence in which the pages appeared in the original book. The weeds are listed here in alphabetical order by common name.

ALKALI HELIOTROPE, Chinese pusley, quail plant |Description | Illustration|

ANNUAL BLUEGRASS, walkgrass |Description | Illustration|

ANNUAL GOLDENEYE |Description | Illustration|

ANNUAL SOWTHISTLE |Description | Illustration|

ANNUAL YELLOW SWEETCLOVER, sour clover |Description | Illustration|

BARESTEM LARKSPUR |Description | Illustration|

BARNYARDGRASS |Description | Illustration|

BERMUDAGRASS, devilgrass |Description | Illustration|

BITTER RUBBERWEED, Bitterweed |Description | Illustration|

BLACK MEDIC, nonesuch, hop medic |Description | Illustration|

BLACK MUSTARD |Description | Illustration|

BLUESTEM PRICKLEPOPPY |Description | Illustration|

BLUEWEED, yerba parda |Description | Illustration|

BROADLEAF MILKWEED |Description | Illustration|

BROADLEAF PLANTAIN, common plantain, rippleseed plantain |Description | Illustration|

BROOM SNAKEWEED |Description | Illustration|

BROWNTOP PANICUM |Description | Illustration|

BUCKHORN PLANTAIN, ribwort, narrowleaf plantain |Description | Illustration|

BUFFALOBUR, Colorado bur, Mexican thistle, Texas thistle |Description | Illustration|

BUR CLOVER |Description | Illustration|

BURROWEED |Description | Illustration|

CAMELTHORN |Description | Illustration|

CAMPHORWEED |Description | Illustration|

CANADA THISTLE |Description | Illustration|

CANAIGRE, wild rhubarb |Description | Illustration|

CATTAILS |Description | Illustration|

CLIMBING MILKWEED |Description | Illustration|

CLUSTER DOCK, green dock |Description | Illustration|

COAST FIDDLENECK, coast buckthorn |Description | Illustration|

COMMON COCKELBUR |Description | Illustration|

COMMON LAMBSQUARTERS |Description | Illustration|

COMMON MULLEIN |Description | Illustration|

COMMON PURSLANE, pursley, pusley, wild portulaca |Description | Illustration|

COULTER SPIDERLING, coulter boerhaavia |Description | Illustration|

CREEPING WOODSORREL, creeping oxalis |Description | Illustration|

CROWNBEARD, golden crownbeard |Description | Illustration|

CURLY DOCK |Description | Illustration|

DALLISGRASS |Description | Illustration|

DANDELION |Description | Illustration|

DESERT BAILEYA, desert marigold |Description | Illustration|

DESERT SALTGRASS, inland saltgrass, seashore saltgrass, marsh spikegrass, saltgrass |Description | Illustration|

DESERT SENNA, cove senna |Description | Illustration|

DESERT THORNAPPLE |Description | Illustration|

DESERT TOBACCO |Description | Illustration|

DODDER |Description | Illustration|

FEATHER FINGERGRASS |Description | Illustration|

FIELD BINDWEED |Description | Illustration|

FIELD SANDBUR |Description | Illustration|

FINGERLEAF GOURD, fingerleaf coyote melon |Description | Illustration|

FIVEHOOK BASSIA, smother weed |Description | Illustration|

FLY MUSHROOM, fly amanita, fly agaric |Description | Illustration|

FRINGED PIGWEED |Description | Illustration|

GAMBEL OAK, Shinnery |Description | Illustration|

GLOBEMALLOW |Description | Illustration|

GLOBEMALLOW, continued |Description | Illustration|

GOLDEN CORYDALIS |Description | Illustration|

GORDON BLADDERPOD |Description | Illustration|

GREEN FOXTAIL, green bristlegrass, bottlegrass |Description | Illustration|

GREENSPORED MUSHROOM, morgan lepiota, greenspored lepiota |Description | Illustration|

HAIRY BOWLESIA |Description | Illustration|

HALOGETON, barilla |Description | Illustration|

HEMP SESBANIA, Colorado River hemp, big-podded sesbania |Description | Illustration|

HENBIT |Description | Illustration|

HOARY CRESS, whitetop |Description | Illustration|

HOG POTATO, pignut |Description | Illustration|

HOREHOUND |Description | Illustration|

HORSE PURSLANE |Description | Illustration|

HORSEWEED |Description | Illustration|

JOHNSONGRASS |Description | Illustration|

JUNGLERICE, watergrass |Description | Illustration|

JUNIPER |Description | Illustration|

KHAKIWEED, creeping chaffweed |Description | Illustration|

KINGS LUPINE |Description | Illustration|

LAMBERT CRAZYWEED, Lambert loco, point loco, purple loco, white loco |Description | Illustration|

LARGE CRABGRASS, hairy crabgrass |Description | Illustration|

LEAFY PONDWEED |Description | Illustration|

LITTLE MALLOW, cheeseweed |Description | Illustration|

LITTLESEED CANARYGRASS |Description | Illustration|

LONDON ROCKET |Description | Illustration|

MALTA STARTHISTLE, tocalote |Description | Illustration|

MEDITERRANEANRASS |Description | Illustration|

MEXICAN SPRANGLETOP |Description | Illustration|

MILK THISTLE |Description | Illustration|

MONOLEPIS, patota, patata |Description | Illustration|

NARROWLEAF GOOSEFOOT |Description | Illustration|

NETTLELEAF GOOSEFOOT |Description | Illustration|

NEW MEXICO COPPERLEAF |Description | Illustration|

NUTTALL MILKVETCH |Description | Illustration|

ORANGE CALTROP, Mexican poppy, summer poppy, Arizona poppy |Description | Illustration|

PALMER AMARANTH, carelessweed |Description | Illustration|

PINGUE, Colorado rubberweed |Description | Illustration|

POVERTYWEED |Description | Illustration|

PRICKLY LETTUCE |Description | Illustration|

PROSTRATE KNOTWEED |Description | Illustration|

PUNCTUREVINE, bullhead, goathead |Description | Illustration|

RABBITFOOTGRASS |Description | Illustration|

RED SORREL, sheep sorrel |Description | Illustration|

RED SPIDERLING |Description | Illustration|

RED SPRANGLETOP |Description | Illustration|

REDSTEM FILAREE, filaree, alfilaree, alfilaria |Description | Illustration|

RESCUE BROME, rescue grass |Description | Illustration|

ROCKY MOUNTAIN IRIS |Description | Illustration|

RUBBER RABBITBRUSH, big rabbitbrush |Description | Illustration|

RUSSIAN KNAPWEED, turkestan thistle |Description | Illustration|

RUSSIAN THISTLE, tumbleweed |Description | Illustration|

SACRED DATURA, Indianapple, tolguacha |Description | Illustration|

SALTCEDAR, tamarisk |Description | Illustration|

SAND PEPPERGRASS |Description | Illustration|

SCARLET MORNINGGLORY, red morningglory, starglory |Description | Illustration|

SEEPWILLOW BACCHARIS, seepwillow, waterwally |Description | Illustration|

SHEPHERDSPURSE |Description | Illustration|

SILKY SOPHORA |Description | Illustration|

SILVERLEAF NIGHTSHADE, white horsenettle, trompillo |Description | Illustration|

SILVERSHEATH KNOTWEED |Description | Illustration|

SILVERWEED CINQUEFOIL, silverweed |Description | Illustration|

SIXWEEKS GRAMA |Description | Illustration|

SIXWEEKS NEEDLE GRAMA, needle grama |Description | Illustration|

SKELETONWEED ERIOGONUM |Description | Illustration|

SLIMLEAF BURSAGE, bursage ragweed |Description | Illustration|

SLIMPOD SENNA, longpod senna |Description | Illustration|

SMALL GROUNDCHERRY |Description | Illustration|

SMALL MATWEED |Description | Illustration|

SMALLFLOWER GAURA, velvetweed |Description | Illustration|

SOUTHWESTERN CUPGRASS |Description | Illustration|

SPINY ASTER, Mexican devilweed |Description | Illustration|

SPINY SOWTHISTLE |Description | Illustration|

SPURGES |Description | Illustration|

SPURGES, continued |Description | Illustration|

SPURGES, continued |Description | Illustration|

SPURRED ANODA |Description | Illustration|

SQUIRRELTAIL |Description | Illustration|

STINKGRASS, strong-scented lovegrass |Description | Illustration|

SUNFLOWER, annual sunflower, common sunflower |Description | Illustration|

TALL MORNINGGLORY |Description | Illustration|

TANSYMUSTARD |Description | Illustration|

THREADLEAF GROUNDSEL |Description | Illustration|

TRAILING FOUR O'CLOCK |Description | Illustration|

TREE TOBACCO |Description | Illustration|

TUBEROUS SIDA |Description | Illustration|

TUMBLE PIGWEED, tumbleweed |Description | Illustration|

WESTERN BRACKEN, bracken, bracken fern, brake fern, eagle fern |Description | Illustration|

WESTERN CLAMMYWEED, clammyweed |Description | Illustration|


WESTERN SNEEZEWEED, sneezeweed, orange sneezeweed |Description | Illustration|

WESTERN WHORLED MILKWEED, horsetail milkweed, poison milkweed |Description | Illustration|

WHEELSCALE SALTBUSH |Description | Illustration|

WHITE CLOVER |Description | Illustration|

WHITE SWEETCLOVER |Description | Illustration|

WHITETHORN, mescat acacia |Description | Illustration|

WILD BARLEY, common foxtail |Description | Illustration|

WILD CELERY |Description | Illustration|

WILD OAT, oatgrass, wheat oats, flaxgrass |Description | Illustration|

WITCHGRASS, tumble panic, witches hair |Description | Illustration|

WOOLLY TIDESTROMIA |Description | Illustration|

WOOLY MORNINGGLORY, Mexican morningglory |Description | Illustration|

WOOTON LOCO, western loco, locoweed, rattleweed |Description | Illustration|

WRIGHT GROUNDCHERRY |Description | Illustration|

WRIGHT SALTBUSH |Description | Illustration|

YELLOW NUTSEDGE, yellow nutgrass |Description | Illustration|

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