An Illustrated Guide to ARIZONA WEEDS

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PEA FAMILY-Leguminosae

WHITE CLOVER-Trifolium repens L.

DESCRIPTION-A hairless perennial with prostrate stems, which reproduces by seeds and creeping stems which root at the joints. The leaves are alternate, and divided into 3 leaflets. The leaf stalks are long and erect, although rising from the prostrate stems.

The flower stalks, also erect from the prostrate stems, are much longer than the leaf stalks, 2 to 9 inches long. The flowers are crowded into globelike heads 1/2 to 1 1/4 inches broad, at the end of the flower stalks. The pealike flowers are white or pink tinged, and bend downward in age. The petals do not fall off, but remain on the flower after withering. The small pod contains 3 to 4 seeds. The seeds are globeshaped to kidneyshaped, and about 1/16 inch long.

DISTRIBUTION-White clover was introduced from Europe. It grows in moist soil, and is a pest in lawns throughout the state. It also occurs in moist meadows in the yellow pine and spruce fir ranges, where it can scarcely be classed as a weed since it is high in forage value.

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