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Archaeology of Indigenous-Colonial Interactions in the Americas is a series that highlights leading current research and scholarship focused on Indigenous-colonial processes and engagement throughout the Americas. This series springs from its successful predecessor, The Archaeology of Colonialism in Native North America. Since our first publication in 2008, the original series has published 11 books, 9 single-authored, and 2 edited volumes. Significantly, two of the books are CHOICE book award winners.

Given the sustained success of the series and the continued growth of academic interest in research focused on Indigenous-colonial interactions we are expanding its scope and will premier works from all regions of the Americas. As with the original series, we particularly invite works that incorporate a range of methodological approaches and theoretical frameworks. Books that innovatively integrate holistic research on local, cultural, and historical complexities of colonial experiences and interactions among people and their material, social and intellectual worlds are of particular interest. The series will continue its effective tradition of featuring geographical areas that have received less scholarly scrutiny but promise exceptional growth potential in the coming decade. Series editors also are pursuing innovative publication models to improve the accessibility of this series to Latin American colleagues and students. To better represent our geographic expansion and strengthen the series, we welcome three new editors. Barbara Voss (Stanford University) has an impressive record of scholarship in North America, Steven Wernke (Vanderbilt) is an exceptional ambassador of fresh new research coming out South America, and Patricia McAnany (University of North Carolina) is a preeminent Mesoamerica scholar.

The editors are committed to the continued development and advancement of the Archaeology of Indigenous-Colonial Interactions in the Americas. We invite you to submit your manuscript and continue our mission to grow this exciting series of academic works that contribute to research and scholarship in the Americas and beyond.

Archaeology of Indigenous-Colonial Interactions in the Americas (12 Titles)

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