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Formerly titled Amerind Studies in Archaeology, the series has recently been expanded and retitled Amerind Studies in Anthropology to incorporate the high quality and number of anthropology proposals in addition to those in archaeology.

The series publishes the synthetic results of professional seminars held each year at the Amerind Foundation in Dragoon, Arizona, a program that was begun in 1987 to encourage and support archaeological scholarship in the Western Hemisphere. Amerind Studies in Archaeology has expanded this focus to include topics in Old World archaeology as well, and through a new collaboration with the Society for American Archaeology, the major archaeological professional organization in North America, the symposia at the Amerind Foundation promise to be exceptional. The volumes that emerge from the annual assemblies of quality scholars focus on timely issues that have the potential to greatly contribute to the field of anthropological archaeology. Topics range from analysis of regional archaeological sites to current issues in methodology and theory, to widesweeping discussions of world phenomena such as warfare and cultural settlement patterns.
Amerind Studies in Anthropology (16 Titles)

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